Poverty and Homelessness

According to the 2013 City of Pasadena Headcount and Subpopulation Survey, there are 772 adults and children who are homeless during a point-in-time in the City, which represents a 15% decrease when compared to the number of homeless persons who were counted last year. And the new number represents a 36% decrease when compared to the number of homeless persons who were counted in 2011.

What Contributed to the Decrease?

During the past two years, the City of Pasadena in partnership with the Pasadena Housing and Homeless Network1 have implemented a Housing First approach, Rapid Re-housing approach, and developed over 100 units of permanent supportive housing, which has largely contributed to the decrease in the number of homeless persons during the past couple of years. These new programs are in addition to the help that homeless individuals and families receive in order to exit homelessness from residential and non-residential homeless service providers.

This is where Friends In Deed has the greatest impact

The services and sense of community provided by Friends In Deed through its programs—The Food Pantry, The Women’s Room, The Bad Weather Shelter and other family programs—contribute a stabilizing force that helps people remain housed. Friends In Deed also advises people about to be evicted on problem-solving and financial management as well as housing searches. Limited funds are available for deposits and rental assistance or motel vouchers for temporary housing. In addition, Friends In Deed is part of a network of agencies serving people who are at risk of homelessness and collaborates with other agencies such as the Housing Rights Center, Rapid Rehousing at Passageways (626) 403-4888, and VASH – Veterans Administration Supportive Housing. The Bad Weather Shelter also assists with connecting people to resources to help them obtain housing.