What We Do

Friends In Deed has been a fixture of the Pasadena community for more than 120 years – nearly as long as the Rose Parade has been celebrated! Through the support of neighbors, churches and businesses, Friends In Deed turns resources into lives changed and a community strengthened.

At Friends In Deed we are dedicated not to simply alleviating the effects of homelessness, but to transforming lives and providing avenues for clients to move forward with dignity. Our innovative programs provide support to our neighbors in the most difficult and vulnerable times in their lives, allowing them space and security to change their circumstances and move forward.
Whether we are providing extra food to a family who has just suffered a job loss so that they can continue to pay rent, inviting a woman experiencing homelessness into our day shelter to wash her clothing and take a shower before a job interview or helping a family maintain their housing after a disaster, our services allow individuals and families change their lives with dignity.

Our staff and volunteers are committed to doing together what we cannot do alone. Our staff is compassionate, resourceful and dedicated to helping our clients wherever they are at when they arrive at our site. Through our programs; The Food PantryThe Women’s RoomThe Bad Weather ShelterNorma’s Nook and The Homeless Prevention Program, Friends In Deed is able to support the community in a myriad of important, life-changing ways. Our presence in Pasadena affects the way you do business, experience your commute and love your city and neighbors. Recognized by city officials such as Pasadena Housing Director William Huang as an essential piece of the fabric of the Pasadena community, Friends In Deed is working valiantly to create a safer, healthier, more beautiful, city for everyone.

Join us in “doing together what we cannot do alone” at Friends In Deed.