Become a Member Congregation

Friends In Deed engages the community in its work serving those in need in the greater Pasadena community.  Central to our success is the collaborative foundation of our member congregations that stretch from La Crescenta to Eagle Rock in Los Angeles to Pasadena, Altadena, Sierra Madre and San Marino in the San Gabriel Valley.

Member congregations of all faiths are welcome to join us in our work. Member congregations agree to make a commitment to Friends In Deed. The commitment includes providing monetary support, either annually or monthly, and encouraging congregants to find individual and group ways to support our work through both volunteering to serve and giving.

In addition to those congregations that have formally agreed to become member congregations, many congregations and community groups join in our work on an occasional or continuing basis. We encourage your congregation to join our council of working members.

Member congregations have a long history with Friends In Deed. Through the support of interfaith communities of all kinds, Friends In Deed can accomplish so much more!

For more information on becoming a member congregation, contact

Do you participate in a local congregation? Find out how your congregation supports Friends In Deed. We need your congregation involved through membership, special offerings, alternative giving/Christmas Markets, food and backpack drives, etc.

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