Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater

Executive Director
626.797.2402 x108

Deputy Director and Grants Officer


Senior Director of Programs

626.797.2402 x209

Senior Director of Development

626.797.2402 x202

Operations Manager

626.797.2402 x201

Director of the Food Pantry

626.797.2402 x106

Tish Strickland

Director of Street Outreach and Housing

626.797.2402 x103

Director of Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance (EPRA)

626.797.2402 x101

Director of The Women’s Room (TWR)

626.797.2402 x104

Assistant Director of Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance (EPRA)

626.797.2402 x206

Food Pantry Manager


Senior Intensive Case Management Specialist

626.797.2402 x203

Housing Navigator and Outreach Liaison

626.797.2402 x204

Development Associate

626.797.2402 x205

TWR Program Associate and Case Counselor

626.797.2402 x105

Food Pantry Associate

626.797.2402 x107

Peer Specialist


Family Specialist

626.797.2402 x 207

Substance Abuse Specialist

626.797.2402 x112

TWR Security and Grounds


TWR Services Attendant


Food Pantry Aide


MSW Intern/Mental Health Specialist

626.797.2402 x111

MSW Intern/Family Housing Navigation

626.797.2402 x110

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