Street Outreach & Housing

We All Deserve... A Home.

Street Outreach & Housing

The Friends In Deed Street Outreach and Housing team identifies chronically homeless individuals on the streets of Pasadena and works to build trust and relationships with them. Our Street Outreach and Housing team’s primary goal is to enter these folks into the Coordinated Entry System, which is the pathway to permanent supportive housing.

“Sometimes I feel like ‘I got this’ and then I fall backwards. I’m so grateful the Street Outreach team was there to help me get back up again and into a home of my own.”
– Anonymous

Along the way, our Street Outreach and Housing team will provide vital needs like new socks or hot meals and will connect folks to shelters, pantries, physical and mental health services, and legal aid.

The FID Street Outreach and Housing team are advocates, referral agents, housing locators, and housing navigators. They are champions of the un-housed, working to end homelessness on the streets of Pasadena.

The Street Outreach and Housing team could also use in-kind donations:

Baby wipes & body shower wipes
Deodorant (Men’s and Women’s)
Shampoo & Conditioner (Travel or Full size)
Toothbrushes & Toothpaste (Travel or Full size)

Hand Sanitizer
Body Wash (Men’s/Women’s/Unisex Travel or Full size)
Chapstick (Unscented/Unisex)
Travel Kleenex
Travel boxes of q-tips

Brand new Women’s/Men’s underwear (All sizes but larger sizes are more needed)
Men’s socks
Unisex, lightweight, short-sleeved tees for summer (All sizes but larger sizes are more needed)

How Can You Help?

The best way to support our Street Outreach and Housing team is to donate financially. These financial contributions will allow our team to continue meeting, building relationships with, and guiding our neighbors experiencing homelessness into long-term supportive housing.

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