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Giving Day Ends In:


Will you leap for Friends In Deed?

Leap year only occurs once every four years, and this leap year we are aiming high and taking advantage of the extra day on the calendar. Dedicated to supporting our local programs and services offering support in the greater Pasadena area, Friends In Deed Giving Day 2024 enables board members, volunteers, local partners, staff, and community supporters to spring together for a daylong giving event dedicated to Friends In Deed and those we serve.

We’re reaching high for Giving Day 2024 and hope you are ready to join us! Our goal this year is to secure 366 donors on Thursday, February 29th, representing each day of the 2024 calendar year. For 366 days in 2024, members of the local community who need our help most will be positively impacted by the work of FID, through: 

● eating a meal made from groceries obtained in our Food Pantry;
● staying in their home due to Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance funding;
● wearing clean clothes after doing laundry and taking a shower in The Women’s Room;
● staying warm and dry on a cold winter’s night thanks to our Bad Weather Shelter;
● or stepping through the door of their own place thanks to our Street Outreach and Housing team.

Ready to rise to the challenge? You can make your gift online – early or on Giving day (be sure to set a reminder!) We also invite you to follow along on our website and on social media on Thursday, February 29th. Remember, every donor counts and gifts of all sizes truly matter.

As an added incentive, the Lawrence A. Appley Foundation has once again jumped in to partner with us and offered to donate $25,000 when we reach our goal. Imagine the ways this will lift your gift even higher!

This leap year, we will boost our community members and support their bright future ahead. Thank you for joining us on February 29th to Leap for Friends In Deed! Worried you’ll forget the date? You can make a donation ahead of time here.

Look below for easy sharing tools to help spread the word. We hope you will share the event with your network! Be sure to follow along on social media on Thursday, February 29, 2024 as we race toward our goal. 

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