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Community can have an innumerable impact when working together. Last year’s first-ever Friends In Deed Giving Day showed just that: in one day the FID community came together with more than 300 supporters donating more than $80,000! This fundraising impacted our nonprofit all year long to help provide supportive services like groceries, respite from the cold, rental assistance, and even homes for people experiencing homelessness.

We are thrilled to bring Giving Day back this year, but even bigger and better! We are proud to introduce Friends In Deed Giving Day 2023 to bring all of our friends together on one day: 3-23-23. From board members and businesses to volunteers and supporters, we call on each and every member of our Friends In Deed family to come together for this cause. Our Giving Day goal? We are aiming for at least 323 donors in just one day: on 3-23-23.

Friends In Deed provides food distribution to more than 500 households each week, winter weather supplies and temporary bad weather emergency motel rooms, monthly rental and utility assistance, showers and laundry services for women, outreach and support to people experiencing homelessness, and general help to our neighbors in need. For the past 129 years, we have been doing all of our work through compassion, connection, and dignity. Our work is only possible because of you – our donors and supporters. Not only do your donations sustain our daily activities, they allow us to plan for and build our future to help people for years to come.

Please invest in our community by making a gift to Friends In Deed on 3-23-23. Worried you’ll forget the date? You can make a donation ahead of time here. And look below for easy sharing tools to help spread the word. We hope you will share the event with your network!

Be sure to follow along on social media on Thursday, March 23, 2023 as we race toward our goal. And when we reach 323 donors, the Lawrence A. Appley Foundation has agreed to donate $20,000 toward our cause! 

Every donation counts, no matter the size. Join us as we all come together in making a huge impact for our community in just one day.

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