Al Hackett

Al joined Friends In Deed full-time in April 2024 as an Outreach Specialist with the Street Outreach and Housing team. Prior to this position, he worked at Union Station Homeless Services, contributing to the service of people experiencing homelessness in Pasadena. Additionally, since 2006, he has been a dedicated seasonal staff member at the Bad Weather Shelter with Friends In Deed.

After working in diverse industries, Al found his calling in homeless services, making it an integral part of his life. He was once told a proverb that resonated deeply with him, affirming his purpose: “God created us with two hands, one to help ourselves and the second to help others.” This belief emphasizes Al’s unwavering commitment to the service of others. 

In addition to his professional experiences, Al is deeply committed to his personal pursuits. Outside of work, he finds joy in cooking, maintaining an active lifestyle through exercise, and cherishing quality time with his family. Al’s family includes his beloved spouse, Mona, and their three children: Jordan, Ashley, and Kennedy.
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