Homeless Prevention

http://www.friendsindeedpas.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Homeless-Prevention.jpgFriends In Deed provides some limited rental assistance to residents of Pasadena who would become homeless through eviction without our help. For information regarding qualifications for this program or for an appointment, call Marlene at (626) 797-2402.

If you live outside of Pasadena and are behind in your rent, you can call 211 and learn if there are any other resources that we may not be aware of. All Federal Stimulus funds have been expended country-wide.

Government assistance for the homeless

The focus of the government and foundations has changed recently to focus on permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless. “Home for Good,” a public-private funders collaborative, has announced more than $105 million in grants to thirty Los Angeles-area nonprofits working to reduce chronic homelessness and provide permanent supportive housing. With this funding around 1000 chronically homeless people will be placed in permanent supportive housing. Friends In Deed does not receive this funding but works in collaboration with all agencies serving the homeless.

In addition the government has provided many resources to provide permanent supportive housing for eligible veterans through the VASH program.

What happens to those who are recently homeless or about to be evicted?

Friends In Deed does not administer funds to assist people who are already homeless who need financial assistance in order to become housed. For more information on Rapid Rehousing Programs for homeless people, contact Passageways, (626) 403-4888.