Norma's Nook

Due to overwhelming support from the community, Norma’s Nook is currently at capacity and will NOT be accepting donations at this time. This is a temporary donation hold and we will be sure to make an announcement when we are again accepting donations.

If you are looking to donate clothing now and still want to support Friends In Deed, please bring your clothing items to ACTS Thrift Store and tell them that your donation is on “behalf of Friends In Deed”.  For every donation ACTS receives under Friends In Deed, they give us valuable store credit that we pass along to our clients.  ACTS Thrift Store is located at 1311 N. Altadena Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107.

Friends In Deed will ALWAYS accept NEW socks, underwear, bras (sport and regular), pantyhose/nylon stockings.  For questions or further information, please email Jane Armbruster here.

Norma’s Nook is Friends In Deed’s newest program.  And as it is with our other programs, it is one that we are very excited about and know that it will serve a HUGE need within the Friends In Deed community.

Norma's NookNorma’s Nook began as the brain-child of our Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Donna Byrns when she saw the clothing needs that were arising so frequently in The Women’s Room.  Basic clothing necessities, such as socks and underwear, were in high demand year-round.  And she was seeing the need for business attire and clothing that would be appropriate for job interviews, meetings, and other events.  Combine what Dr. Byrns was seeing in The Women’s Room with the needs of many of the people that utilize our Food Pantry and a new program was hatched.  But the requirements and time for providing this service and essential clothing items could not be met by one or two individuals alone.  And it wasn’t going to be able to be done at Friends In Deed.  There just wasn’t enough room.   Time for a change.

Norma's NookNorma’s Nook caters to our homeless community as well as to those who are living below the poverty line.  Its mission is to provide clothing for housing and job interviews in order to help struggling individuals get back on their feet.  For now, Norma’s Nook is collecting gently worn or new clothing for men & women.  We ask that if you are interested in donating clothing, please email our Norma’s Nook Manager, Jane Armbruster, at