Our Success Stories

Arlene slept on a portable lawn lounge in her mother’s living room. She shopped, cooked and waited on her mother and nephew, who had drug issues but nonetheless had the privilege of sleeping in the second bedroom. She dreaded any contact with her abusive husband. When the strain got too much, she fled to The Women’s Room for refuge, where she received the encouragement she needed to build her confidence to find her own place and break completely with her husband. Today she is confident and happily living in a cozy apartment. Her husband is totally out of the picture, but she still cares for her mother, who lives nearby.

Maria Elena came to The Women’s Room while she was at the women’s dorm at Union Station Homeless Services after battling addiction and homelessness for more than eight years. At The Women’s Room she developed a community of friends who became her support team and where she also received dental care that restored her teeth damaged by accidents and use of methamphetamines. Thanks to help from TWR, she now has a lovely room in a beautifully restored home she shares with five other women and has a part-time job at The Women’s Room where she also volunteers once a week.

“The Women’s Room gave me back my life,” she says.

Syd’s life changed with divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, job loss, a move, end of unemployment benefits, general relief and food stamps, a homeless shelter and the seemingly endless search for a job. Then she lost her car in an accident that was not her fault, but the settlement was not enough for a replacement. That made it doubly difficult to search for a job. She kept her sanity by coming to The Women’s Room for help and encouragement. She found her “voice” by participating in TWR’s Writers’ Workshop and started a blog: “Embracing Homelessness”. She continued after she found a job and place to live with her two cats. One of her most recent entries is how she celebrated the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 by renting a car, going out to dinner and a show in Hollywood.

“Sara” walked through our doors homeless and searching for someone who cared, someone who would listen. At The Women’s Room, she found that and more. Sara found community. We also provided personalized case management and partnered with other agencies to propel her into supportive housing. SARA IS NOW HOUSED AND HAS BEEN RECENTLY APPROVED FOR SSI. She came to TWR recently and handed our TWR Director a $100 bill and said, “I want to do something special for the ladies.” She provided a feast for 25 women and thanked them for “saving her life”—her words.

Another woman who regularly attends The Women’s Room was homeless for years and has now been housed and sober for over a year. She lives three doors down form Friends in Deed. She says that she has to make a choice every time she leaves the house: she can turn left an meet up with her “connection” (dealer), or she can turn right and find her safe place (Friends in Deed). We are so proud that she continues to choose our safe place and that we have the privilege to be part of her stories and to support her in her recovery.

One of our greatest success stories comes from a woman who we first met as a homeless client several years ago. With the help of volunteer advocates, and wealth of hard work, she was approved for SSI and is now housed. This woman began volunteering at TWR three yeas ago to “give back” and now even works as part of our part time staff. She has the biggest heart and treats every woman at The Woman’s Room with such grace and compassion.