Seth Reid

MSW Intern, Outreach
626.797.2402 x111

Seth was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but has lived in Southern California most of his life. He got his BA in English at UCLA, where he learned to use words like “juxtapose” and “ostensibly” in order to sound, and get, smart. After he left the ivory tower of academia, he spent some time in the ivory tower of his mom’s guest room in Riverside. There he developed a passion for working in public schools and for spotting donkeys on hiking trails. Seeing slightly more potential for employment, he decided to focus on the public school passion. He has worked in education all over Los Angeles, and he is now pursuing becoming a School Social Worker by getting his MSW online at the University of Kentucky. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, bothering his roommate’s cat, drawing comics, and watching TV.

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