Fun Ways to Partner with Friends In Deed

There are many ways to support Friends In Deed.  You can donate money.  You can volunteer with one of our programs.  And you can support us from your own home. Below are a few suggestions of ways that you, your friends & family, your congregation, your school, and your local business can take part in easy & fun activities to support our mission and programs.  We have ideas and activities surrounding clothing, food, and fund raising.


Undercover Agents – Our women, from The Women’s Room, get incredibly excited when we are able to provide them with NEW undergarments. Something so many of us may take for granted, such as NEW bras, socks, and underwear, can mean the world to our women.  Click here to learn more about becoming an “Undercover Agent”.

Toiletries Drive – Whether we are talking about the women in The Women’s Room, our homeless brothers and sisters that use The Bad Weather Shelter, our food pantry community, toiletries are needed by everyone. Click here to for more on holding a Toiletry Drive.

Let it Pour Drive – It may not rain a lot in Southern California, but when it does, many in our homeless community are not able to find a dry place to stay.  The people who use our Bad Weather Shelter and The Women’s Room programs are in need of rain gear including:  plastic ponchos; folding umbrellas, gloves, and rain hats.  Click here to commit to helping keep them dry with a “Let it Pour” Drive. Click here for additional information.

Rock’m Sock’m Dance or Party – Wearing wet socks is never comfortable. Wearing dirty socks doesn’t feel good.  It is incredible what a clean, dry pair of socks can mean the world to someone experiencing homelessness. Have a dance or party with the admission price being a package or a pair of NEW socks.

Wrap Them in Love and Warmth – Keeping your neck warm during the cold is one of the first things to address when going outside. For our homeless community, a scarf can be hard to come by.  The “Wrap Them in Love and Warmth” program provides warm, fleece scarves to be distributed in the winter at The Bad Weather Shelter and to women who come to The Women’s Room.



Monthly Food Drive – Create a special place, at your church, office, classroom, etc., where members and friends can leave donations related to our “FRIENDS IN DEED Monthly Food Drive” list.

Meal in A Bag – Our Healthy Eating Program provides a Meal of the Month recipe for our Food Pantry community.  Groups can take the recipe and gather the ingredients into individual bags for distribution by our Food Pantry.

Adopt A Product – Select an item, such as Tuna Fish or cereal, for your group to collect and bring to the Friends In Deed Food Pantry for throughout the year.

2’fer Sale Drive – Grocery stores often have a “2’fer 1” Sale in their stores. It can also be known as “Buy One, Get One”.  When participants see these sales, they commit to buying the “2 for one” priced items, and donating the “free” item to FRIENDS IN DEED.




Mock “Night at the Bad Weather Shelter” – Hold an overnight event in your gym or fellowship hall, or a sleep over at your house. Accept donations for the Bad Weather Shelter.  It costs approximately $1500 per open night to run the emergency Bad Weather Shelter, including rent, personnel, security, and supplies.

The Dinner/Lunch of Compassion – This fund raising opportunity is built around the serving of a simple meal such as a bowl of rice, or rice and vegetables or soup, and the purpose is twofold:

  1. To experience what it feels like to not have enough to eat so as to heighten our empathy for those who regularly do not have enough to eat due to unfortunate circumstances.
  2. To end world hunger one meal at a time, by raising funds to support organizations that feed the hungry.

While having this “dinner/lunch of compassion”, it is the perfect time to discuss hunger – locally and globally, how it feels to have just a small amount of food for dinner/lunch, and how FRIENDS IN DEED is working to fight and end hunger. Click here to learn more.

Friends In Deed Banks – These donation boxes can be placed in areas where your group gathers, or they can be placed on tables at a luncheon or dinner. The possibilities are endless…get creative!

Friends In Deed Day – Special Offering – Your group invites a FRIENDS IN DEED representative to visit and share the FID story. A special collection is accepted to benefit FID.

My Favorite “Chairity” Event – This is a fun event for the artists and crafters in your group. Chairs are decorated and otherwise transformed into pieces of art and an auction is held to benefit FID.

Soup Party – Prepare your favorite soup or soups and invite friends and neighbors to sup with you. Let them know you will be sharing information about FRIENDS IN DEED and giving them the opportunity to make a donation.

Bake Sale or No-Bake Sale – Everyone loves baked goods!  If your group loves to bake, have a bake sale and donate the proceeds to Friends In Deed. If your group is too busy doing life, the have a “No-Bake Sale” wherein people donate what they would have spent on baking ingredients and what they would have spent on baked goods…an easier than pie way to raise funds.

Support St. Mark’s Christmas Tree Sale* – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church has an annual Christmas Tree Sale to benefit FRIENDS IN DEED. Order your tree and encourage friends and family to do the same.