The Food Pantry

Food PantryThe Food Pantry provides food assistance to low-income and no-income families in the greater Pasadena/Altadena area.  We provide food to more than 300 households per week (approximately 650+ people).  This allows many of the families to offset the rising cost of food to pay for rent or other monthly necessities.  Our Pantry is set up like a neighborhood market where our community members can come in and select their own groceries.  Our shelves are stocked with canned goods, dry goods, juice, cereal, and other shelf stable foods.  In addition to providing shelf stable foods, one of our goals is to provide meat & protein, fresh fruits & vegetables, and foods that appeal to the cultural diversity that makes up our community.   When available, we offer toiletries, diapers & formula, and pet food too.  This dynamic and compassion-driven program is one of our largest and farthest-reaching.

Besides receiving donations from some of the local grocery store chains, we receive much of our food from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which provides around 770,000 meals per week to Los Angeles County.  We work with local organizations and businesses, including Food Forward, Trader Joe’s (Arroyo Parkway & La Canada), Smart & Final (Colorado Blvd)Urban Harvester, Whole Foods (Arroyo Parkway), and others, to be able to provide fresh fruit & vegetables (some of which is organic and/or locally grown) and meat & protein.  Another large source of our food comes from the community.  Churches, synagogues, schools, local businesses, groups, and individuals regularly bring donations to Friends In Deed.  We rely heavily on these donors and their support is critical, and important, to our success.

Food Forward Urban Harvester  

The Pantry is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 10 AM-3 PM, and Thursdays, from 10 AM-1 PM.  It doesn’t matter which day people visit the Pantry, but they are only allowed to come one time per week for food.

To get registered, we require that identification be brought for each person to be registered in a family, some form of documentation with current address, and proof of low-income status.  If a person does not have one, or more, of these requirements, that should not stop them from coming to get food.  We will meet with each person and make sure they can get food that day. We hold new registration between 10 AM and 12 PM each day. 

For more information, call 626-797-6072 or email

What food do we need?

  • Our Gold Items: Peanut Butter, Canned tuna/chicken, Beef Stew, Rice, Cereal, Cooking Oil, Flour and Sugar
  • Meats and proteins (we have 3 freezers and multiple refrigerators for storage): Chicken, Beef, Fish, Prepared Packaged Meals, Cold Cuts, Tofu, Etc.
  • Dried Beans, Pasta, Oats, Other Whole Grains
  • Milk: Shelf Stable or Powder
  • Other: Jelly, Tomato Sauces, Soups, Other Baking Items
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables From Your Garden
  • Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Eggs
  • Other Perishable Foods
  • Single Serve pop-top cans, single serving food (such as applesauce, capri sun, raisins, granola bars) for homeless clients.

Friends In Deed – Needed Foods





Other items to donate:

  • Pet Food: many in our community have dogs and cats
  • Diapers – all sizes
  • Baby Formula and Food
  • Toiletries: Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner, Toothbrushes & Toothpaste, Deodorant, Feminine Products, Etc. Needed Toiletry Items (pdf)

If you still aren’t sure what you would like to donate, we always say “Donate something you would like to eat, because, chances are, someone else will like it too.”

Friends In Deed is located at 444 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena 91104 (on the SE corner of Washington & Los Robles).

Throughout the year, the Food Pantry partners with some of the same groups and organizations to host events like our Back-To-School Backpack Give-A-Way, Thanksgiving’s Operation Gobbler, and Easter & Spring Basket Give-A-Way.


Launched in 1961 by local community member, Maura Moser, in her own garage in Northwest Pasadena, the Food Pantry has always been a safe haven for those who are in need of assistance in their time of need.  Since 2008, the Food Pantry has seen a continuous increase in clientele and need in the community.  And we are pleased that we have been able to meet that need with the help of so many in our community.  The Food Pantry is run by our Pantry Director and a loyal and dedicated team of volunteers.  Nearly all resources go directly to helping our clients, ranging in ages, races and ethnicities.