A Story of Building Community

The Program Associate on the staff of The Women’s Room, Jenny, is bilingual in English and Spanish – a great benefit to the smooth operation of that program. And, with her consistent presence, we are finding the Hispanic cohort among our TWR guests is growing and blossoming into a supportive sub-community that brightens the program by being there.

It started with just one lady. To start with she came only rarely, the language barrier no doubt making things harder for her. But then she discovered that she and Jenny shared a language, started coming more often, and brought a friend. Then another friend joined them!

These ladies (Gloria, Rosa, and Maria, pictured here) have formed their own support network, shopping for each other and helping each other out. In many ways, The Women’s Room is their home. And, like many of our clients, they want to give something back. They keep the clothes rail neat and tidy in the dressing room, they unpack deliveries, and they help out new Spanish speakers. What’s more, other guests in The Women’s Room follow their example and help out more too. Jenny says it “fills her heart” to see this community in action.

These ladies are receiving services and are on the path to housing. This little community may also be one of the reasons why our Bad Weather Shelter has seen more female clients this year – their group presence makes other women feel safe.

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