Julius’s Story – Able to Contribute Again

As happened with so many people during the stay-at-home order at the beginning of the pandemic, Julius found his primary relationships came under great strain. His girlfriend continued to work as a cosmetologist, and this meant a steady stream of clients visiting their home. Not only did the risk make Julius uncomfortable, but he also felt he was an unwelcome presence in his partner’s business.

Eventually Julius was able to go back to work, but the damage to the relationship was done. When he found himself out of work once more, his partner lost patience and told him to leave. Julius began living in his car.

Fortunately Julius made contact with Friends In Deed while getting food at the Salvation Army. We were able to put him into a motel, and shortly afterwards matched him with a place in bridge housing. Julius says that he really appreciates just having privacy again, and a place to charge his phone! Once he has settled in he hopes to get back to coaching youth sports, especially basketball – he has badly missed being able to make a contribution to his local community while his life has been in such upheaval.

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