Emily’s Story – Many Roles

Following a career as a computer analyst, Emily wanted to do something useful with her retirement. She saw a message in one of our weekly emails about needing volunteers in the Food Pantry, made contact with Stacey, and joined the team. She says she loves it – the staff and other volunteers made her feel very welcome and she felt the work she was doing was valuable.

Then Stacey moved from the Food Pantry to become Director of Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance, and Emily told her to reach out if she needed help in her new position. Stacey quickly identified a role for Emily, helping to manage the call log – an important task that frees up our staff to spend more time working directly with clients.

Some time later, Emily heard that The Women’s Room was looking for help with providing breakfasts for their guests. Emily rallied the Thursday morning volunteers in the Food Pantry, and now, as a team, they bring in enough food items for breakfast for all our TWR guests every Thursday morning!

Emily is the only volunteer we can think of who has held three simultaneous volunteering roles within Friends In Deed! We appreciate her contribution.

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