Jeff’s Story – A Journey of Self Discovery

Jeff was referred to Friends In Deed from the Pasadena Housing Department. As a recent transplant from Orange County, he was still learning about what community resources were available to him in the area. When Ryan and Jeff were able to meet in person it was immediately clear to Ryan that Jeff was a man in the middle of a long journey of self discovery. He had lost his job and nearly his life to alcoholism, and was now in recovery at a sober living home in Pasadena.

Jeff was learning how to live with his disease and to make amends with those whom he had hurt, but in the meantime he also needed help paying his rent at the sober living home where he was staying. Friends In Deed was able to step in and provide him with some support on his journey. We wish him the best and look forward to the ways in which he will give back to others in need as well.

Jeff says: “You guys have been amazing and really helpful to me in a time of need. I didn’t know where to turn but Friends In Deed was there for me. It’s an amazing organization, and it has helped me want to give back, I don’t know what I would have done without Friends In Deed.”

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