Lyndee’s Story – Resilience

As a person living with disability (in her case, deafness), Lyndee is probably more vulnerable to being taken advantage of than most. An exploitative relationship left her on the streets, but fortunately she was able to get a place in a supportive housing program in Pasadena.

Lyndee, however, is resourceful and fiercely independent. First she got a steady job in retail, then she stopped her SSI disability payments. Then, once she had stability in her life, she decided she wanted to live independently. Friends In Deed started working with her and helped her move into a back house where she could be in charge of her own life. Now, Lyndee can do all the gardening she wants! She is very grateful for the assistance that Friends In Deed was able to give her, and we are awed by her determination and resilience.

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