JP’s Story – Public Service

Following a career as a deputy sheriff in the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, it turned out that JP wasn’t done with public service. Through his involvement with Pasadena First United Methodist Church he began volunteering with Friends In Deed’s Bad Weather Shelter many years ago – setting up cots and cooking and serving dinner – and has been part of the FID community ever since!

Partly because of his professional background, JP finds he is very comfortable around the folks who use our Bad Weather Shelter, and not intimidated even by those whose behavior can sometimes be challenging. But he says it’s also amazing how many of the people we see in the shelter are apparently healthy, high-functioning individuals, who have found themselves in appalling circumstances through events over which they had no control. He says it’s made him realize what a very, very fine line there is between being a regular member of society, and being on the streets. He feels like – though he never tried to pry – sometimes he was able to get talking and develop a bond with some of the folks who use the shelter.

Alongside his volunteering in the Bad Weather Shelter, JP has also helped out in our pantry. Before COVID, for many years, he helped drive to the Los Angeles Food Bank every other Friday to pick up a couple of tons of food. And since COVID he has been coming in every Friday to help unload deliveries. We appreciate his help! 

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