Mark’s Story – Help with Arrears

Mark is a single father in his early thirties with a son in fifth grade. Recovering from a death in the immediate family left Mark unemployed for several months and he fell behind on his rent. By the time he reached out to FID’s Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance (EPRA) program to apply for assistance, he was past due on five months of rent and had received a pay or quit notice from his landlord.

Reviewing his situation, Marlene learned that Mark had just secured permanent employment and was only asking EPRA to assist him in paying down his arrears so that he and his son could remain in their home. We stepped in and developed a payment plan with the landlord where FID would pay three months rent going forward, giving the tenant the opportunity to pay off the rent he owed in arrears. EPRA often works in collaboration with tenants and their landlords to figure out creative ways to help clients achieve rent stability and stay in their homes.

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