Nicole’s Story – Escaping Exploitation

Nicole turned up at The Women’s Room dragging an enormous suitcase behind her and with nowhere to go that night. She had been sleeping in her car, but it had broken down and the local residents had it towed away. A vulnerable young woman, she really wasn’t the kind of person we wanted to leave to the mercies of the streets, and we certainly couldn’t send her back to her very abusive and exploitative family.

Fortunately Najwa from our Street Outreach Team was able to get her a motel room for that night. She then worked to get Nicole into bridge housing, and was successful in finding her a place to move into this week!

Nicole says she has struggled to find a direction for her life, and she has been experiencing mental health issues and on-and-off homelessness for some time. This move into bridge housing marks a huge step for her towards independence and self-sufficiency.

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