Sandy’s Story – Referred by a Friend

Sandy was first introduced to Friends In Deed through her friend, Eloise. The month before Ryan had been able to help Eloise, who is a property manager, get rental assistance for one of her tenants in desperate need and Eloise had said, “thank you so much for all your help, would it be okay if I told one of my friends about you guys? She really needs a lot of help!”

Thus Sandy was connected with the Eviction Prevention & Rental Assistance Program at FID. It turned out that Sandy had just been let go at her job due to the pandemic, which was then followed by her contracting COVID-19 herself and needing to be hospitalized. To make matters even worse, once she was at home recovering, her car was stolen from out front of her apartment! Needless to say it hadn’t been the best year for Sandy, but Friends In Deed was able to step in to help pay some of her largest bills to help her get back on her feet as soon as possible.

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