Vanessa’s Story – Getting Out of the Hole

Vanessa felt like she was in a hole she couldn’t get out of. She lost loved ones, she was involved in traumatic family situations, she became depressed, and she was struggling to hold down a job. She had friends who were willing to help, but she felt bad putting so much weight on them, so she “stepped out on her own” and began living on the streets. On and off, Vanessa was unhoused for around seven years.

Somebody gave Vanessa a flyer from Friends In Deed. She began coming to The Women’s Room and met Najwa, who was able to get her into a motel. She says that, after so long on the streets, it felt good to be indoors. She formed a strong connection with Najwa, and as a result her mental health began to improve as well.

Only two weeks after first moving into a motel, Vanessa is moving into bridge housing. Najwa is going to continue to support her through the housing program to make sure that Vanessa will, in due course, graduate from the program and move into her own independent home.

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