Cheynelle’s Story – A Change in Perspective

Cheynelle has always valued her freedom. She rebelled against her adopted family and chose a life outside conventional society, living for a while in a shelter on the side of an LA freeway.

However, Cheynelle became a mother, and with that came a change of perspective. She says she was a “grown-ass child” herself, unprepared for the responsibilities of parenthood. Her children are being well looked after by others and Cheynelle still gets to see them nearly every day, but she still feels the pain of separation.

A friend suggested Cheynelle get in touch with Friends In Deed. So Cheynelle says she “took a step” – something she’d never done before – to try and get herself on the path to a stable lifestyle.

Cheynelle says she will do anything to get back on her feet. It’s not easy, working with someone to get them into housing, but Cheynelle’s success in our program bears witness to her determination to do whatever it takes. She has recently moved into bridge housing, and is making that first step toward being able to have her children live with her again.

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