A Pantry Story – A Devoted Friend

A volunteer came into the Food Pantry to report that someone had passed out in front of Friends In Deed House. Food Pantry Manager Stacey went to check, and discovered a man sprawled on one of our benches, his dog standing guard beside him. She tried to wake him but he was barely responsive and she called 911.

When they arrived, the paramedics asked Friends In Deed to watch the dog until animal control could arrive. The dog, however, did not cooperate! After the paramedics refused to let it in the ambulance, the dog raced away up Los Robles with Food Pantry Director Tim in hot pursuit.

Tim is fast, but the dog was faster! Tim chased it for several blocks until it ran into a driveway – followed, as luck would have it, by a car. The driver turned out to be the resident of the back house of the property and was able to confirm he knew the dog’s owner and was able to notify the next of kin and look after the dog.

It turned out that the poor gentleman who had collapsed was a pantry client who came in the next day to thank us for our help. Tim and Stacey were just glad to see him back on his feet!

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