Baxter’s Story – A Very, Very Good Boy

Friends In Deed: Baxter, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Baxter: Baxter is a very good boy! Baxter is a therapy dog. Baxter visits ladies in The Women’s Room with Baxter’s human, who is named Anna. Baxter likes food. Sometimes Baxter’s human does not give much food, ‘cos Baxter gets fat! Baxter also sleeps lots.

Friends In Deed: Do you enjoy your work?

Baxter: Baxter likes to sniff at the ladies in The Women’s Room. Baxter enjoys making people feel calmer, and getting treats.

Friends In Deed: How long have you been a therapy dog, Baxter?

Baxter: Baxter is a very good boy. Baxter sniffs lots of people for two years!

Friends In Deed: What do the ladies in The Women’s Room say about you, Baxter?

Baxter: The ladies say “Baxter is relaxing,” “Baxter is mellow,” “We like to pat Baxter.” Baxter likes pats!

Friends In Deed: Where else do you visit with your human?

Baxter: Everybody loves Baxter! Baxter has friends at USC, at Shriners Children’s Hospital, and at PCC when students have exams.

Friends In Deed: Anything else you want to tell us, Baxter?

Baxter: Baxter likes chasing squirrels!

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