Sherry’s Story – Determined to Finish School

We’re not sure whether or not Buddy is an official emotional support animal, but he certainly goes everywhere that Sherry goes, and we’re sure plays a major role in keeping her calm and centered in her everyday life.

A student at a local college, Sherry has no family support or financial resources, but she’s determined to complete her degree. Our Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program was able to help her move out of a very bad housing situation in 2021, and then this year we were approached by Sherry’s landlord as Sherry was having trouble covering her rent. We are so grateful to understanding landlords who are prepared to explore all available options before they evict a tenant!

Sherry was very grateful for the help, and sent Ryan, our Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Director, a lovely thank you card “signed” not just by her, but also Buddy (see photo). Ryan says this is the first time he has received a thank-you note from a dog!

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