Kyle’s Story – Short-Term Help, Long-Term Benefits

Kyle bumped into a member of our Street Outreach team while they were buying a taco, and he recognized our logo on their hoodie. Kyle was helped by our Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance team a while back – we were able to tide him over a difficult period by helping him with a deposit on a new place to live.

Our Eviction Prevention program is geared toward short-term assistance to get someone back on their feet. With Kyle, the program worked exactly as intended – having a stable place to live gave him the support he needed to get sober and back into work. He has now been clean for nearly three years, and is the manager of a sober living facility.

When Kyle ran into our Street Outreach team member he immediately began to tell them how grateful he was for the help we were able to give him. It’s wonderful to hear how such short-term aid can have such long-reaching effects!

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